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Category: Society & Culture

2 xennial ladies attempt to weave their way through a conversation that starts as one topic and ends another much like a horrifying game of six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Will they ever finish the original conversation?

January 14, 2018

Episode 19: Pursuit of Happiness in a Police State, Parenting, Housing & Politics + Coffee!


Miles & Crawford are back this week to talk about a range of topics including the pursuit of happiness, police states, reminiscing about the Darwinistic parenting 30 years ago vs now, inequality of the chance at becoming a politician, housing opportunities, comedians we like and the differences in communities. Not necessarily in that order but we get around to it.

January 6, 2018

Episode 18: The State of our Union, Abandoned Resolutions, return of MC Variety Hour in 2018!


MC Variety Hour is back in 2018! This week we discussed resolutions that we plan to break, the state of our fragile union, Civil War, Revolutions, and finish with gushing all about Doctor Who. Join us as we meander our way through a variety hour of conversation fueled by a high coffee intake.

December 27, 2017

Clip from Episode 3


Sometimes we rant about what it is like when you can't tip

December 18, 2017

Episode 17: Micro leads to Macro, Outrageous Culture, Holiday Plans, This week in Pervland, Politics and Caffeine!


Miles & Crawford are back celebrating a glorious 6 months 'on the air' and to talk about getting through the holidays, What's happening this week in Pervland, Net Neutrality, How Micro leads to Macro, The Culture of Outrage, and some Politics sprinkled in! Join us as we journey through another hour-ish of witty banter and caffeine infused opinions!

December 8, 2017

Episode 16: Legal vs. Societal Justice, Brock Turner Sucks, Variety Hour Shenanigans, Winning, and of course, COFFEE!


Miles and Crawford are back to entertain you with a true variety hour of witty banter and conversation that ranges wildly from serious topics and discussion about legal justice vs. what society doles out to those that 'got away with it', random shenanigans, guest appearances, winning money, and of course, who we hate the most this week. (It's Brock Turner)

November 30, 2017

Tidbits! Creepy Celebs, Surviving the Holidays, News you can use, and Angel Trees!


Miles and Crawford have been busy this last week and with the holidays coming we decided to do smaller bits between episodes so you can still get your fix! First up: Miles pilots the Variety hour by herself- flying solo she lays down a sweet backtrack while offering up her thoughts on Creepy Matt Lauer, The amazing Lady Pod Squad community, giving kudos to all for surviving the holidays, Why Net Neutrality is so important, and how you can give during the holiday season! Stay tuned for the next tidbit from Crawford!

November 18, 2017

Episode 15: The Age of Aquarius, A Conscious Universe, Astronomy vs Astrology and Coffee!


Miles & Crawford are back this week to take a walk on the weirder side of things. Are we in the Age of Aquarius? We talk about Astronomy vs. Astrology, Pseudo-Science, Planet effects, touch on physics just a bit and then get distracted and meander into random topics before bringing it all full circle just as we do every week!

November 12, 2017

Episode 14: Election Cast! Voting Results, Change, Compromise, Be Kind!


Miles and Crawford dive into the fun election season of 2017 and of course we talk about a few other things in between.

November 4, 2017

Episode 13: Cursed Cast! Coffee, Pervywood, Gun Control, Voting, & Positive things!


Miles & Crawford are back this week with lucky number 13! This week we share some of the positive things going on in the world, Reminding people to vote this coming week, (VOTE!) gun control, hunting, and some random chit chat that veers into wondering just what the hee-haw is going on in Pervywood. Join us as we meander our way through another hour of what makes up the Variety Hour!

November 1, 2017

Episode 12: Scarycast! Ladies with power, Leaning Left, Serial Killers, and George Bush Sr.’s Hands.


Miles & Crawford are back yet again to regale listeners with our thoughts and meandering talk on current issues. This week we continued our focus on women and interesting stats on active duty women in particular. Inequality, Village style child rearing, Disparity, Serial Killers, and thoughts on George Bush Sr.'s sneaky hands. Join us as we meander through another fun hour of conversation and coffee.